Christine Abrahamyan is an interior designer currently based in Yerevan. Graduating from SEUA with "Design" specialization (2002), she got her experience in "Eurostan-Uyut" Ltd and "Nom Project" Ltd as an interior designer.

Since 2012 she has started her own practice based on conceptual approach of designing. In her work she has explored linkages of interior design and architecture, and has completed projects ranging from designing public and residential spaces to experimental conceptual projects.

She is one of two lead designers of the interior space and the actual exposition design-project of The Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute during the reconstruction project for 100th Anniversary of Armenian Genocide.

Currently she is interested in subject of interconnection between different types of environments, particularly focusing on issues of digital and physical environments in living and public areas.

She participated in international architectural-design competitions winning several prizes. She was awarded the 1st prize in the IV International Biennale of young architects "Leonardo 2011 in Minsk (2011) and the 2nd prize in the 50th “Central Glass” international architectural-design competition in Tokyo (2015).